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51% of Black adults in the U.S. have heard 'nothing at all' about ChatGPT*, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that generates human-like text and is transforming the way we work, play, and live.

We're “changing the stats” and helping people in diverse communities to develop AI literacy by providing learning resources for awareness and education.

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Most AI literacy projects focus on teaching technical aspects of AI systems to K-12 students. Consequently, there are a lack of AI resources designed for college students, adult populations, and the general public. There is also a need for materials that address ethical, legal and social implications of AI. For communities to thrive in a tech-driven society, it is essential all citizens develop critical AI and data literacies.

Black Unicorn Educationᵀᴹ provides programs, products, and community-based events as a starting point for the general public and individuals from diverse communities to begin their journey with learning about AI and other emerging technologies.

At Black Unicorn Education we’re on a mission to “make tech make sense” by any creative means necessary! We help educate traditionally overlooked communities through context-based content, connections to resources, and community-driven learning. We are working to ensure ALL members of communities achieve AI literacy.

We make tech make sense.

Our goal is to “make tech make sense” for everyone--by any CREATIVE means necessary! We use informal and community-based approaches to facilitate learning in communities including virtual and in-person events, social media, challenges, workshops, meetups, games (digital & tabletop), newsletters, conversations & even comedy shows! We deploy non-traditional methods to engage people to learn about AI and other technologies in an accessible manner so they can make informed decisions about their everyday lives.

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Informal learning, learning that takes place outside of formal educational settings, can spark an interest in technology that wouldn't have been sparked in any other way. Research shows through informal learning, there's less resistance to learning something new and the learning that takes place is more immediate compared to longer timelines of traditional learning to grasp a concept. In a nutshell, with informal learning the process of learning is easier AND less boring!

Black Unicorn Educationᵀᴹ brings freedom to learning about AI and other technologies by removing restrictions of traditional curriculum-based approaches.


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Black Unicorn is a call-out to the rarity of Black people in tech, especially Black women. In mythology, unicorns were originally depicted as black. We're changing things so Black Unicorns are normalized again. We've taken the same perspective on tech education. We're expanding what it means to learn tech. We're normalizing other ways of learning tech besides bootcamps and certifications. Our company had its beginnings on Tik Tok and Facebook where our educational content received tens of thousands of views. Today we've expanded to provide unique programs and events including AI Office Hours in partnership with a local entrepreneurship center for small business owners, an AI summer camp for underserved middle school students, virtual and in-person workshops, an online tech news series, and our AI Education Comedy Show-- Lecture of Laughter, an interactive educational experience to introduce AI to curious individuals!

Black Unicorn's programs, products, and community-based events are designed to educate, equip, and invest in diverse communities, to help them thrive in an AI-driven society. Our goal is to help individuals build the 'Tech ABCs: Awareness, Basic Knowledge & Skills, and Critical Perspectives about technology. We hope to activate individuals to apply their knowledge and understanding of tech to solve problems in their businesses, communities, and for the public good.


Keeping Up With AI


Watch SATURDAY NIGHT TECH- A Facebook LIVE News Show!

In this Weekend Update-style news show, viewers will receive “tech news you can use so you won’t be confused!” Catch up on what’s happening in AI & tech-- with the host‘s humorous commentary!


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07/29/23 How to Avoid Being Took, Hoodwinked, Bamboozled, Led Astray, and Run Amok by Technology!

08/05/23 AI, Black Business & the Rise of Everyday Billionaires

11/04/23 This is Your Brain on IG

11/11/23 Artificial Intimacy- The Rise of AI Girlfriends & Smartphone "Situationships"

11/18/23 How to Avoid Being Tricked in the Age of AI Deception: Why Seeing May No Longer Be Believing

AI EDUCATION COMEDY SHOW (VOL. 2)- april 19, 2024


April 19th is National AI Literacy Day and Black Unicorn Education is excited to celebrate in our own special way with the second installment of the AI Education Comedy Show-- Lecture of Laughter!


The AI Education Comedy Show is a one-of-a-kind education learning experience that's one part education + one part humor & improv + one part audience participation. It's like a “live action webinar” designed to introduce general audiences to artificial intelligence through illuminating content, witty commentary and curated improv activities that help people understand one of the most transformative technologies of our lifetime-- all while laughing!

For anyone who’s been curious about artificial intelligence, this is a great way to get your feet wet and learn about AI in a light-hearted and relatable manner. Join us for an evening of fun!

Check out the highlights from the inaugural show!

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