Tech education done differently.

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We educate families, with a prioritization on Black families, about the impacts and opportunities of AI and other technologies through informal education resources and a dynamic learning community.

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Tech education is traditionally carried out through formal means including classroom instruction, degree programs, certifications, and bootcamps. These "gateways" can prevent those who are curious about emerging technologies like AI, blockchain and the metaverse from entering tech spaces because they create a restricted learning experience.

Black Unicorn Educationᵀᴹ is

THE go-to platform

for informal

learning resources about AI and other technologies,

featuring content

that highlights perspectives of

diverse communities.

A different kind of tech education is here where families learn about AI and other emerging technologies through learning programs, products, and premiere community events.

There's more than one way

to learn

about tech.

Our goal is to educate members of families about the opportunities and impacts of emerging technologies. We use informal and community-based approaches including virtual and in-person events, social media content, multimedia, meetups, games (digital & tabletop), newsletters, conversations & even hack-a-thons! We're constantly finding new methods to help diverse families see themselves in tech.

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Whether you're a Mompreneur who wants to protect her online business, a 5th grader excited to create the latest viral app, or a young adult navigating AI-proctored exams in college-- every member in a family interacts with emerging technologies in some way. However, you shouldn't have to make a long-term commitment like a certification just to understand how they impact your everyday life!

Black Unicorn Educationᵀᴹ brings freedom to learning about and getting involved with tech by removing obligations and restrictions of traditional curriculum-based solutions.


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In mythology, unicorns were originally black. We want to change it back… back to where not only are unicorns white, some unicorns are black. We’re creating a world where more AI engineers and decisionmakers are from diverse backgrounds. We want a world where people at ALL levels of tech companies reflect society. We’re building a Black Unicorn factory by generating learning experiences where contributions of Black tech brilliance and other underestimated groups are normalized.

We advocate for more Black Unicorns in tech.

Black Unicorn Educationᵀᴹ is a learning ecosystem of programs, products, and premiere events designed to educate, equip, and empower families, especially Black families, to thrive in an AI-driven society. The components of the ecosystem work together to provide foundational knowledge of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies, introduce practical tools and thinking skills, and activate families to apply their knowledge and understanding of tech to solve problems in their communities and for the public good.